Monday, May 08, 2006

George Whitefield

I came across an interesting article in the bulletin at church yesterday: "George Whitefield: The Controversial Evangelist". If you have the time, I strongly suggest that you follow the link and read the full article- I'm only going to cite a couple highlights from the opening section.

"Because George Whitefield refused to soft-pedal his preaching, he received a variety of responses. His bluntness sometimes offended people, and many established ministers of his time refused to allow him to speak in their pulpits. While angry listeners occasionally pelted him with everything from rotten fruit to dead cats, many people loved to hear him preach. "

" "Father Abraham, whom have you in heaven?" he shouted. "Any Episcopalians?"
"No!" the people roared.
"Any Presbyterians?" Whitefield danced around the stage as he spoke, jabbing at the air with his hands.
"Any Independents or Seceders? New Sides or Old Sides, any Methodists?"
"No! No! No!" the crowd shouted in reply.
He called out, "Whom have you there, then, Father Abraham? We don't know those names here! All who are here are Christians-- believers in Christ, men who have overcome by the blood of the Lamb and the word of his testimony . . . God help me, God help us all, to forget having names and to become Christians in deed and in truth."

Indeed. I like this guy.

The Great Awakening helped unify the colonies, which directly aided their revolution from the British. Presently, the Christians in America seem to be asleep again, and unity within the nation is an all but forgotten dream.

Where are the George Whitefields of today? Who's rocking the boats now?


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