Friday, May 05, 2006

The Final Hour

I almost hadn’t even considered the possibility of a “goodbye party” when I arrived at work today. It wasn’t as much of a party as it was just a status-quo day, only slightly altered by the presence of pastries.

I can’t say I’ve ever been a very big fan of office parties in general. I understand that people like to have fun, bring food, and have a “party” every once in a while- and that’s just fine- but I dislike the pretense of having a party for a coworker, when it’s clear that everyone’s only real concern is how many of the donuts they’re going to get. The taboo question always seems to come up: “So who are we having a party for?”

People have been circling our cubicles like vultures. Occasionally someone strikes up a conversation long enough to casually help themselves to the foodstuff. The moments immediately afterwards are consumed with remarks expressing how inconsiderate it is to gorge on “party food” if you haven’t furnished anything yourself.

So far, only two people have really said anything that would come close to be considered a well-wishing or a goodbye. To be honest, though, I can’t say that I expected anything different. That would be part of why I’m quite fond of the fact that I don’t have to come back.

I’m actually looking forward to waking up an hour earlier on Monday morning.

Do I sound cynical? I’m not trying to be. It’s mostly a, “Ho-hum, Oh well,” attitude than anything. I think it’s the whole everything-I’ve-been-working-on-for-the-last-two-months-is-being-completely-nerfed thing that’s got me down. After 5:30 PM ticks by I’ll be perfectly fine. And after next Friday when I swing by to pick up my last paycheck I’ll probably never interact with GreanLeaf again.

It’s a good day.


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